Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A baptism to remember...

This past week President Thompson (our mission President) asked us to drive to Muelheim and interview an investigator for baptism. It was an interview he would normally conduct, but was not able to take the time. I tried to prepare for the interview, but was surprised with the great experience it was. To see the Atonement take effect in her life and the willingness to accept and commit to keep the commandments was a real spiritual experience for me. It is not easy to change from a worldly life where you can do anything you want, to a life centered on gospel principles and commandments. As part of the interview I asked her to read an article from the April 2007 Ensign or Liahona Magazine called "He Will Give You Rest". (You may want to read this article and it will give you some idea of the kind of experience it was for me. - it is only a short one page story.) I was happy that I was able to sign the baptism recommend. This experience took place on Friday afternoon.

Today is Sunday, August 17th, 2008. It is almost 9:00 pm and we just returned home after leaving at 8:30 this morning. We attended our regular church meetings this morning. Anina had to play the piano in our priesthood meeting before she went to Relief Society. We both had an invitation to have an early dinner with an older couple by the name of Nabrotzky. We had a wonderful time visiting and the food was very good. They have been members for over 30 years and are very faithful members. He has been bishop a couple of times and also served in the Stake Presidency in the past. They wanted to visit with us a little longer, but understood when we told them that we had to attend a baptism in Essen.

The baptism was in the ward house in Essen because they do not have a baptism font in the Muelheim ward house. When we arrived at the ward house, Sister Bisong greeted me and thanked me for the Ensign Article I gave her to read. She told me that it made her realize that she was not the only person that had difficulties to overcome and that she hopes to feel the same way as the young sister in the article. once she comes forth from the waters of baptism.

When we congratulated her after the baptism I felt that her wish had come to pass. It was sure nice to see the support each pair brought at least one investigator to the service. I think we could get used to a baptism each week. It is what missionary work is all about.

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