Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a very formal and proper event. A very wonderful meal, reading of the birth of Christ, telling personal Christmas stories and the lighting of the Christmas Tree. The tree was a real "Tannenbaum" with ornaments that have been accumulated over many years. The candles were real and each candle was carefully lid by our host. Everything was perfect, even the singing of the "Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht". The modest gifts were exchanged. A gesture reminding us of the Gift of the birth of Christ. The unwrapping was done in a very orderly manner and the wrappings were quickly disposed. The Spirit of the occasion was felt by us all. All five of us - Brother and Sister Nabrotzky, (A single Sister) Sister Mellet, and Anina and Hugo.

But, where were the children, the joy and laughter and the excitement. The words to the song, "There is no place like Home for the Holiday's" has taken on a real new meaning for us.We enjoyed the evening, but we missed all of you.

Standing (from left to right) Sister Nabrotzky, Brother Nabrotyky. Sitting (from left to right) Sister Mellet and Anina.
Sister Nabrotzky lighting the candles.

Anina and Hugo in front of an 8ft real Christmas Tree, with real candles burning at the home of Brother and Sister Nabrotzky.

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