Sunday, June 7, 2009

When you hear of a special weekend, you may guess that it must have been a baptizing weekend. You are right! We had a baptism this Saturday afternoon. Today (Sunday) at our Fast and Testimony Sacrament meeting Matthias Ilske was confirmed a member of the Church. We felt great to have a couple of investigators to the meeting. We certainly hope that they could feel of the Spirit that was present during the meeting. It is always a boost to our spirits as missionaries to see someone except the Gospel. It gives us hope that there are others out there that the Lord has prepared.

This past Thursday we started our Summer Institute Class. We had some 22 Young Adults (plus 6 Missionaries) attend the class.. Anina was able to make the Food stretch so all were able to have something to eat. We did not expect that many, but hope that we will have this many and more during the upcoming weeks.

Our Mission President encourages the young missionaries to see and experience some of the culture and beauties of Germany, by visiting special places. The Missionaries in our district received permission to visit some of the places that have significant interest to us. So, the eight of us drove in two cars to the small Village where my Mother was born and where I remember some very wonderful childhood years with my Grandparents. We were were able to meet with some family that still lives in that beautiful village of Meissner-Vockerode. We took a stroll in the garden and were able to pick some of the best tasting strawberries on earth. My cousin, Brigitte even had a Strawberry Torte (pie) prepared for us that was out of this world. (My taste-buds are acting up as I write about it.) The highlight was our visit to the very small village church (Karl-Heinz had a key to let us in). One of the Sister Missionaries (Sister Moline) played for us the old pipe organ in that church. It was more than music to our ears, it was an Erlebniss (experience). We visited the Border Museum only a view kilometers away. It was an eye opening experience for the young missionaries to see the "Fence" that separated the DDR (East Germany) from the West. To some of us who remember the "Cold War" between East and West, it brought back memories. To the young people it is only a time in History a long time ago that they understand a little better now.

Before we drove back to our field of labor we were able to visit a couple more beautiful old towns along the way. It was a great way to spend a missionary P-Day.
We are doing great and are still enjoying good health. We do tire easily, but that is to be expected for our "young" age.

The old Pipe Organ in the small Village Church of Meissner-Vockerode. (From left to right, Elder Questereit, Sister Fowkes, Karl-Heinz Bartnig, Sister Moline, Elder Hastings, Elder Wecker, Elder Lawler.

Elders and Sisters (Missionaries) getting ready to enjoy the Strawberry "Torte" (Pie). We (Anina and Hugo) were lucky to a taste of that pie.

We just thought that we show you a tractor that you don't have. Eat your heart out!

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