Sunday, July 26, 2009

A wonderful relaxing Sunday

It is Sunday afternoon. The sun is out and it is very comfortable outside. It is approximately 70 degrees outside. It is ideal for a nice walk. During the week it rained every day, but that did not stop us from going places or talking to people.
We said good bye to three young missionaries that were transferred (Elder Questereit, Elder Wecker and Sister Fowkes) and welcomed three others in their place (Elder Clegg, Elder Thompson and Sister Seiter).
We have been blessed with good participation in our activities. For some reason we are enjoying good attendance at our Family Home Evening and for our Institute night. Last Monday we had a short spiritual presentation and than had a farewell party for Stephanie Wilson (one of our American exchange students at the university). There were 19 Young Adults, a few over 30 years and a number of Missionaries. We kept a couple of waffle irons very busy, satisfying the hunger for waffles. Stephanie wanted to do something special by getting some American root-beer for root-beer-floats. The comments about the root-beer were from "that's interesting", or "this taste like toothpaste", or "what a way to ruin good ice-cream", or "why would anyone add medicine to ice-cream". The few who had been to America and got used to the taste actually enjoyed it. It is probably not something we will give as dessert after our meals.
Considering that it is Summer break we still had an attendance during the Institute night of 22 Young Adults (plus Missionaries). We hope that this kind of attendance will continue and we can build on that when the regular school year begins..
It has been a week of reflecting on the effectiveness of the work in Dortmund and with the calling that has come to us. There are too many who are not responding, too many we have not reached. We have often commented that we should have had this assignment 5 or 6 years ago when our energy level was 20 years younger. If any of you are thinking of serving a senior mission, our advice is to do it sooner than later.
We can hardly wait for Friday when we anticipate of picking up Heidi and Spencer,Hunter and Heber from the Frankfurt Airport. It will be wonderful to see Family and be able to spend some time with them. Our Mission President suggested that we take some time off and enjoy the visit. We plan to do just that.. If next week you don't receive a note from us, we hope you understand.

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