Sunday, September 21, 2008

We left our mission area for 4 hours today

It is Sunday evening, about 8:00 PM. We just arrived home after we left at 8:00 AM this morning. We had Stake conference yesterday and today. The Saturday afternoon and evening sessions were held in the Dortmund Stake Center. It is the same place where our Institute Outreach Center is located. The theme of the conference was on Missionary work, and of course it was like music to our ears. We should see some results from the ideas and challenges that were given. Tomorrow in our ward we are starting a 40 day fast for missionary work. From the sign up list we noticed that a different family or person is going to fast for the next 40 days. We signed up for tomorrow (Monday). We will be praying that the Lord will lead us to the people He has prepared to except the Gospel.
The conference today was held in Düsseldorf. Our Stake Center is not large enough to hold the saints and friends that come to Stake Conference. In the past they rented a hall closer to Dortmund, but that has become very expensive, something like 6000.00 Euro.. For us to drive to Düsseldorf took us a little over an hour. The Stake Center there is more the size of a Stake Center in Salt Lake. Next to the Stake Center is a building where the old Düsseldorf Mission Home used to be. They have now turned this building into the Düsseldorf Institute Outreach Center. We met the Missionary Couple that serve in that Center. We had a chance to meet with them a short time to get some fresh and new ideas. They have been on their mission two weeks longer than we have.
This is the first General Stake meeting we had since we were transferred to Dortmund. So, today was the day that they sustained me to serve on the Dortmund Stake High Council. I learned a new meaning of the phrase, "When ye are prepared you need not fear." I assumed that I would be called upon to speak, so I prepared a five minute talk and I did not have to talk. The lesson I learned from that, is that when you are prepared you will not be called upon and it is only when you are not prepared you need to fear because you will be called upon.
After conference we had an invitation with the other missionaries (Elders) in Dortmund for dinner at the home of our Relief Society President. They have 3 small girls and one of them is a baby of only 3 or 4 weeks old. They truly have their hands full, but they still made the time to invite us. We had a wonderful meal.
Last Thursday we had a every six week Zone Conference and as usual it was great to be part of a large missionary group. It is always an inspiration to be with those young missionaries. They are so full of enthusiasm and full of the Spirit. It truly is a joy to see them in action.
You may ask yourself why we left the Mission Area? It is because we went to Stake Conference in Düsseldorf and Düsseldorf is outside the Hamburg Mission. All of the full time Missionaries had to get special permission to attend Stake Conference out side of the mission boundaries.
Thank you for all of your mail and words of encouragement.

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