Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Beautiful Sunny Weekend

The weather is just absolutely beautiful. It could stay this way all year long. The leaves on a few of the trees are beginning to change colors, other than that it is still very green and luscious. The fall flowers are in full bloom. It is actually warmer now, than it was most of the Summer.
This past Friday morning all of the missionaries joined in a conference call where the we were told of all the transfers that will take effect this Thursday. One of our young missionaries will be going home to Idaho this Thursday after completing a successful mission. Quite a few of our Missionaries from the Mission will be going home, but we will be receiving a large group of "Goldens" (New Missionaries). The Mission will be full strength again and as a result we will receive a second set of Elders in Dortmund. The missionary work in Dortmund is not going as well as we would like to see. The missionaries are working hard and talking to a lot of people and even teaching a lot of lessons, but commitments are few if any.
We had the Elders over for dinner after church today. The two Elders ate as much as our whole family ate at home at our Sunday dinners. It was fun to see them enjoy Anina's cooking.
We are looking forward of receiving the General conference meetings. We should be able to see all of the Sessions.
I will miss going to priesthood meeting with all of our Sons and Grandsons that hold the priesthood. Just hold a place open next to yours for me and pretend. I don't know how I am going to get the Ice Cream to you after the meeting. I will have to make it up to you when we get home.
In a few minutes the phone will probably ring and we look froward talking to some of the family. Thank you, Heidi, for giving us that pleasure almost every week it means so much
to us.
We always talk about the good things that happen, so here to let you know that we are not perfect, we have to tell you this bad thing. Here in Germany they have cameras set up all over that take your picture when you disobey traffic signs. Well, I got caught for speeding in a constructions zone. I was just following the busy traffic. I remember seeing the light flashing one after another. They tell me that it can many pictures in a row and catch a 100 cars at a very small amount of time. We were going only a small amount over the speed limit and we had to pay the minimum amount of 10.00 Euro. Not too bad for a bad experience. I am going to have to be more careful in the future. We have one of those cameras close to our home. They are permanent fixtures and the regular drivers know exactly where they are, so it is a deterrent for driving within the speed limit.
We are in good health and we enjoy our work and our associations we have here in Germany.

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