Sunday, October 12, 2008

A beautiful week to visit, take walks and talk to people

From all of the reports we hear, we are having much better weather here in Germany than you are having.
It is Sunday evening and we just returned from a walk though a park and the neighborhood. A lot of people were enjoying doing the same thing. Only the Ice-cream stores are open and every one is walking around with their children with an Ice-cream cone in their hand. If it would not have been Sunday we would have bought one also, but, we waited till we got home to have something cool.
Anina is in the kitchen making a couple of batches of cookies. Those cookies we will take with us tomorrow as we will be visiting four sets of Elders. We were asked to do an "apartment tour" of the Elders apartments within our area. There are 14 sets of Elders that we will visit during the next few weeks. The farthest is about 115 km from here and takes about 1 1/2 hour to get to. We will be reporting to the president about the condition of the apartment and any repairs that need to be made. We may even make some suggestions as far as house keeping, if needed. Anina thinks that we need to make those visits a little sweeter by taking some food with us. Some of the missionaries are anxious to have us come and others are in panic mode and asked us to come a little later.
Today was Fast Sunday and we enjoyed the church meetings. I had the assignment to teach the Priesthood class this morning.
One of the recent returned missionaries was still doing some of his missionary work this past week. He talked to a couple of girls on the U-Bahn (Subway). Those girls happen to be from the States and are here for two semesters going to the University. He found out that both were inactive LDS girls. He invited them to come to the Out-Reach Center last Thursday. They both came and attended the Institute Class and had some of the good food that Anina had prepared. One of those Girls came to church today and one could see that she was touched by the Spirit during the meeting and some of the other young adults made her feel welcome. We sure hope that this is a first big step back to church activity.
This past week, Anina was very sick with the flu (we think). She had some very terrible stomach pains and it was touch and go if we had to see a Doctor. The illness came all at once and lasted for about 24 hours. She is doing well now. We are both grateful to have good health.
We sure hope that all went well with Summer's Baptism yesterday. It is hard not to be able to be at such an important event for one of our grandchildren. We sure hope the choicest blessings to be with all of you.

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