Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Weekly Routine

We are getting into a routine of weekly activities. Monday afternoon and evening is our Family Home evening activity. Instead of worrying each Monday as to what to give to the young people to eat, we decided to make it also a waffle night. We have already broken one waffle iron and we will have to buy another one. We wish we could find the kind of waffle iron that we bought a couple of years ago at Costco. We almost asked the kids (at home) to send us the one we have, but we are not sure how that would work with the electricity we have here in Germany. So we will just do with what we can get here.

On Tuesday afternoon and evening we open up the Center for anyone that just wants to come and use the Internet or play games or just hang out. We also have our missionary district meeting in the morning. On Wednesday we do not open the Center, but we visit the Elders and Sisters apartment and look for any special things they need such as : bedding, repairs or just cleaning the apartment. Since the first of the year we bought and installed a couple of new shower heads, a couple of new kitchen faucets and bought a few new pillows (8 each), and bed sheets (14 each), and two comforters, and some mattress covers. If Anina had her way we would have bought and replaced much more. We found that some of the Elders were sleeping on mattresses without a fitted sheet or mattress cover. We have14 Apartments to visit in our part of the mission. We have only 5 more to go to complete our round for this quarter. Two of the apartments house two sets of Elders.

Thursday is our busy day with Institute class and the meal for all of the young adults. It takes Anina most of the day to get ready to feed about 25 to 30 people. It is a lot of cooking and baking. Anina worries a lot if the kids will enjoy the food, but it usually turns out that very little if anything is left over. (It makes it more difficult because of the limited funds available to buy the food.) So if any of you have some good ideas of food to prepare that is very economical, please let us hear from you.

Friday evening is our activity night. It should be an activity that the young adults are planning. These activities have been very sporadic during the last couple of months. Saturday is our P-day when we don"t have some other urgent things that need to be taken care of (like repairing some broken things in the missionary apartments). Sunday is a day of church meetings and visiting.

During some of our free time we go visiting and joint teach with the missionaries.
All we know that it is a busy schedule for a couple of old people. We hope to find time to be able to take a short nap some of the afternoons.

As anticipated we received a couple of Sister missionaries here in Dortmund. Sister Rieske from Ohio and Sister Fowkes from Arizona. We worked before with Sister Rieske in Bremen. We helped them move into their apartment and Anina went grocery shopping with them. We are glad that we again have four young missionaries here in Dortmund.

In our area there is still a lot of sickness. We have missed some of our faithful members in church today.

We are enjoying the work. We thank our Father in Heaven everyday for the health and strength that is still ours. Your prayers in our behalf are being answered.

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