Saturday, January 17, 2009

Staying Very Busy

This week we started our quarterly Missionary apartment visits. Things are going much better than the original visits we made. We think that the Elders know the expectations and they respond accordingly. So far we had only one of the apartment where a return visit is necessary, we actually need to install a new kitchen faucet, we will do that when the rest of the apartment is in better shape.
We received word that we will be getting a set of Sister Missionaries in Dortmund this week. We will need to purchase some bedding and other things to make the apartment ready for the Sisters. The apartment has been vacant for a while and we have taken things from the apartment to give to other Missionaries in our Zone, as they needed it.
We received a call this past week from our Mission President. He said that he was sorry that he can not make the time to be able to conduct a new convert Baptism interview. He ask me to conduct the interview in his stead. He told me as much as he knew about the situation. I immediately went to the handbook and found a couple of reasons why the baptism could not take place at this time. I even called our Mission President back and read to him from the handbook. He gently told me that the handbook was a guide and that the Spirit would tell me what needed to be done and that I should keep an open mind and wait for promptings and inspiration. I humbled myself and asked the Lord for direction. The Elders in _________ made the appointment and we drove to the appointed place in ______________. We met the couple and we proceeded to fill out the fill out the Baptism Recommend Form. It took us quite a while to fill out all of the required information for Sister __________________. I next excused her Husband and the Elders and proceeded with interview. The Spirit quickly filled the Bishops Office. Words and questions came to me that I did not know I had. In her expressions she answered most of the questions as outlined in the "Preach My Gospel" handbook without even having to ask to questions. We spend a lot of time going over Doctrine and Covenants Section 20:37. Both of us received a witness that the Atonement of the Savior is sufficient for any of us. The repentance process really works. I have never been more sure that the baptism was to proceed the following day.
We attended the Baptism in ______________ and a lot of people were there from the ward to support her. Afterward we enjoyed some refreshments and most important it was a beginning of a new life for a daughter of God. This is what Missionary Work is all about.
In a couple of hours we will be going to a CES Fireside. It will be a delayed broadcast of the fireside talk given a week ago by President Monson. Anina is just finishing the cookies that we will have as refreshments after the broadcast.
A lot of people are sick with the cold and flu. The Elders in Dortmund have been sick for quite a while now and are taking some medication to help them get over the illness. We are doing well and we hope to stay this way.

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