Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Cycle Continues

Another six week cycle is coming to a close. We have had our Zone Conference last Tuesday in Bielefeld. The transfer conference-call happened yesterday morning (Saturday, 14 March 2009). One Elder (Elder Wilcox) from Dortmund will be moving this coming Thursday and at the same time we will be receiving a new Elder. The young missionaries do not get to stay in one place very long. That is the way the system works. We are glad that the Mission President kept us together and that we do not have to move to another town.
None of the Missionaries had an invite for Sunday dinner today. So, Anina decided to invite the Missionaries from our District over for a farewell dinner. It was one of those last minute decisions she made right after our Church meetings. While I am sitting on the computer writing this note, Anina is making all kind of noises out in the kitchen. The Missionaries do have some afternoon teaching appointments, so we will get together sometimes after 7:00 PM to have our meal.
This past week I received a telephone call from a minister from a Protestant Church.. It was the same gentlemen that called me a couple weeks ago and told me that he lost contact with the missionaries and that he would like to get in contact with them. Since than, the Elders thought him a couple of lessons. After the two lessons they were told not to come back. During the last phone conversation he wanted to talk to me privately. A Thurday evening appointment was made in our office in the Outreach Center.
This much I can tell you, that his wife absolutely forbid him to see the Missionaries and have any more contact with the Mormons. He has a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Restoration. He read the Book of Mormon and knows that it came from God.
It is of interest that he comes from Morocco and converted from Islam to Christianity several years ago. He lost all of his family and suffered some injustices because of that conversion. He started a new life in Germany and went to school to become a preacher/minister. He not only has his own congregation, but goes to other churches as well to preach.
The question in his mind is; What am I to do? He told me "I can no longer preach a lie!" If his church would find out he would loose his livelihood tomorrow and jobs are hard to come by. To change jobs or professions in Germany is very complicated and difficult. He said to me: "Do I have to start again from the beginning?"
As difficult as this situation looks it could be managed and brought to a good conclusion if he had the support of his wife. We are now praying that his wife's heart will be softened.
The 2 hour conversation was one of the most difficult conversation I have had in my live time.

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