Monday, March 30, 2009

Time Marches on Ready or Not

It is Monday and we have not yet mailed our weekly note. We usually take some time on Sunday to write a few lines, but Sunday was a full day of Church and visiting with friends and investigators. Our body-clock did not change to day-light savings-time as did the time clocks, so by the time we came home we were ready for our bed. This note today will be brief and it is mainly to let you know that we are doing well and are still are enjoying the work.
This past week we had our Zone Meeting and the Mission President conducted the "every six week interview" with the Missionaries. We had a chance to spend some time with the president and his wife. He invited us to have dinner with them at a famous restaurant. So we dined at the only restaurant of it's type in all of Dortmund called Kentucky-Fried Chicken. Actually, it was like a bit of home away from home. We had fun doing that.
On Saturday we drove to Herne. The young men and young women of of the three ward/branches around that area put on a wonderful musical and spoken word program called " Shine your light". There were not many young people that participate, but the talent was there and we all enjoyed watching and listening. The message was that we as members of the church need to let our light shine wherever we are.
At church yesterday we had an older couple that joined us for the services. It was their first time in an LDS Church. After the church block the ward had a potluck dinner and they even stayed for that. It gave a lot of people a chance to talk to them. The young Missionaries were very exited and glad that this couple was so well received. They met them by knocking on their door a couple of weeks ago. Now our prayers are that they will continue to listen to the messages of the gospel and will come again to church.
Last evening as we were driving the Sister Missionaries home from an appointment. It was about 8:30 PM when they said that they had a half hour before they had to be home. Then they asked to be dropped off in the middle of town, so they could talk to a few more people on the street as they worked their way home. Most of the missionaries are hard workers and sure take the work very serious. It is a real question to me why not more people respond to our messages and invitations. We hope that the time is not far ahead when the peoples hearts will be touched and accept the invitation to come into the fold.

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