Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend

Sorry to be late again in mailing out these notes. Enjoying the conference messages threw of our schedule and we are trying to catch up. On Saturday we were able to view the Saturday-morning-session live. Because of the time difference, this occurred at 6:00 PM our time. On Sunday we watched the Priesthood-session at 11:00 AM and the the Saturday-afternoon-session at 2:00 PM on a delayed basis. At 6:00 PM we were able to see the Sunday morning session live. All of these sessions we were able to watch via satellite at the Stake Center in Dortmund. Between sessions we were able to visit with the Missionaries and the Saints. Many brought food and we fixed us something to eat. As you can see, Conference is an all day event. We came home at about 9:00 PM. Just as we arrived home we received a phone call from Daniel's and also from Heidi's Family. They were just getting ready to watch the Sunday-afternoon-session. It is always wonderful to hear from the grandchildren and catch up on their latest activities. After the phone call we found the link to the conference and watched on our computer screen live the last session of conference. It was midnight, our time, when that session ended. We took many notes during the proceedings of the conference. There were many wonderful doctrines and gospel messages given. For us, to pick out a favorite one is hard to do. The talk that occupied most of my mind and thought processes since the conference was the talk given by Elder Holland. It certainly gave me a deeper understanding of the Atonement of the Savior. The phrase of "being alone" will forever have a deeper meaning to me. I am looking forward getting a transcript of that masterful doctrinal sermon.

We are in the midst of the quarterly Missionary-Apartment-Visits. We have made 6 of the 14 visits to date. All we can tell you is that the Missionaries are an incredible wonderful group of men, who are obedient and they will do anything that is ask of them. When expectations are high than they will met those expectations. To date we found every apartment to be in perfect condition. All have been anxious to have us come and others are asking us when we will be coming. The stoves, refrigerators and dishes are clean in the kitchen. In the bedroom the beds are made and the clothing is put in it's proper place. The bathroom is clean and orderly. In the study/front room the desks are well organized and the floor is clean. Other than a few minor repairs, such a dripping faucet, is about all the work that we needed to do. The missionaries have even been working hard to remove the mold that can show up quickly in our climate. One set of Elders even greeted us by presenting a bouquet of flowers to Anina, before starting our apartment visit.

We are experiencing a lot of joy while on this mission because we are so closely associated with the missionaries.

Anina is about ready with her food preparation for the Home-evening tonight, so we will close these thoughts, and get ready to go to the Center for Young Adults.

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