Sunday, August 16, 2009

Somehow We Manage to Stay Busy

Somehow we manage to keep busy. There seems to be something going on every day that keep us out of trouble. We could have had a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon today, but Anina decided to invite the missionaries from our district to dinner. You can always tell on the faces of missionaries when they do not have an invite to dinner, especially on Sunday. So Anina invited the 4 Elders and the 2 Sisters to come and have a pork roast dinner with us. Anina is fixing the meal right now and the table is set already. It is always nice to be with those great young missionaries.
This past week we had our Zone Conference here in Dortmund. The Dortmund Zone and the Bielefeld Zone met together. We are the only Senior Couple in those two Zones. Both of us were given some time in our afternoon session to give a talk. The president called us earlier to invite us to prepare a few remarks on "what a Mission means to us". We were grateful for the advanced notice. It was good for both of us to reflect on that subject. It was surprising to have thoughts that came into our minds as to what we should talk about, so it would be of help for the young missionaries.
The Mission President ask us to plan a Senior Missionary Conference for the 25th and 26th of August. So we have spend some time planning and making arrangements. We are planning to have two conference session where we share ideas and receive instructions concerning our work as missionaries. The rest of the time we will visit places and see things of interest. We just received approval for the itinerary and e-mailed the information to the senior missionaries. We will also send the itinerary brochure to them by mail tomorrow. We will attach for your information a copy of the itinerary. You will see that it is quite detailed and you will quickly see that we will visit a part of Germany where roots of the Diederich Family run very deep. Actually it was fun to put this trip together. We only hope that everything will go as planned. All of the couples seem to be exited about the planes. Most of our work takes place in the large metropolitan areas of Northern Germany. So they look forward getting a taste of small town/village of rural Germany. We will let you know how things went in a couple of weeks.

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