Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stake, Ward and Outreach Assignment are Plentiful

The longer we are out on our mission the more assignments come our way. We are involved with the young missionaries. We are asked to go with the missionaries as they teach their investigators. It is called "joint -teach". We are involved in the ward activities as much as we can. Then, there is my stake High Council assignment, with all the stake meetings. Today we visited the Hagen Ward and we had to speak in Sacrament Meeting. Two of our Young adult council members came with us to also speak and give the Sunday-School lesson to the Young Adults. Anina baked some cookies for the young adults to enjo after Sunday School class. The Hagen Ward is the largest and most active Ward in our Stake. It was just like going to one of the wards in our own home Stake. They actually had enough Aaronic Priesthood to take care of blessing and passing the Sacrament. The Saints were very friendly and made us feel welcome.
As we talked to the Elders after Sacrament they indicated that they were sad that none of their investigators showed up for Church. As we look back on our experience while on this mission, the saddest feelings come when we think how difficult it is to get people interested in the Church. The push to have greater participation from members to do missionary work is on ongoing struggle. During our High Council meeting the Stake President ask that I give him a report of how all of the Ward Mission Leaders are fulfilling their assignment. So I have been talking to the missionaries and the Ward Mission Leaders. They all are doing a wonderful job, but the work is very slow and very discouraging. I keep having the dreams that we are talking to hundreds of people at the time and that we adding to the fold by the hundreds. Maybe those dreams are a counterbalance to the reality. Maybe, maybe someday these good people in Germany will wake up..
The news is not all discouraging. We are still having good participation at the "Outreach Center for Young Adults". The support from the Young Adults within our Stake warms our hearts and gives us the feeling that the Lord is blessing us.
We have a Sunday Dinner appointment at our Bishops home this evening. They also invited the Elders and Sister missionaries that are serving in Dortmund. We look froward to the visit with that great family.
This next week we will spend a couple of days with all of the senior missionaries from our mission. We are a little nervous for we made all of the arrangement.. We sure hope it will go as planned. We anticipate that we will come away with a lot of new ideas and better ways to be of service.

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