Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh, the innocence of little children 9/20/09

We just returned home from a wonderful Sacrament meeting. It was the primary's sacrament program in our ward. The language spoken may be different from the one you have had or will have in your ward, but the spirit is the same. Yes, there were some laughs, not for what they said , but the way they said it. We even had a ten year old boy who was visiting with his family as an investigator read a couple of sentences from the "Proclamation of the Family". It was so wonderful to see the parents and grandparents smiling and enjoying every minute of it. It was evident that there was a lot of love and joy. It was contagious and we did not wanted to leave the meeting. To have "joy in your posterity" is a real and a wonderful blessing.
This last Friday we participated in another wedding for one of our Young Adults. The Groom comes from the Southern part of the country, so they had the civil marriage in his home town and afterward drove to the Frankfurt Temple to be sealed and than drove to Dortmund for an "Hochzeitsandacht" meeting (a short spiritual meeting conducted by the Bishop) and then for the "Hochzeitsfeier" (Wedding dinner and Party). It had to be a long and very tiresome day for the Family. The joy was real and wonderful as a monumental milestone in the lives of Aaron and Franziska was celebrated.
Last evening the Stake put on a great musical presentation. They sang and performed to the music from the 1950's. The stake house was filled to capacity with members of the church and many who are not members of the church. It was a great missionary tool. It was a lot of fun!
This past Thursday we enjoyed to opening of the new Institute year and we had a good group of Young adults. It was the start of the Book of Mormon study for the year.

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