Sunday, September 6, 2009

Still Going Strong

This past week was transfer week. Our Young Missionaries who received a new assignment had only one day to pack and get to their new field of labor. One of our Elders figured out how to get an extra day. They locked themselves out of their apartment. They took the train and arrived after midnight and rang the doorbell of the Zone Leaders in Dortmund. There they stayed until the next morning. They borrowed our car and drove to Una to see if they could break in. By the time they ruined a door to get into the apartment, it was too late to join the other Elders to travel to his new assignment. Since it is never a good idea to have any missionary travel alone, it was decided to have us drive him to Hannover. We left early Friday morning to Hannover. It took a little longer than we expected because of construction slow downs. We had to be back for an appointment in Dortmund by 3:00 PM. We barely made it and we were only 5 minutes late.
We had some great Institute and Outreach activities with good attendance from our Young Adults. Yesterday (Saturday) the Ward sponsored an Open House. The Missionary Sisters held a musical concert that was a real hit! Both of the Sisters have some great musical abilities. Sister Moline at the piano and Sister Seiter plays the Violin. Sister Seiter is an amazing violin player. The people enjoyed it so much that they were asked to put on a concert. They are planning to do just that on the 9th of October. The Ward had an Emergency Preparedness demonstration, the Relief Society Sisters prepared some food for all of the visitors, the young Adults played games. The Genealogy center gave some classes. A financial adviser gave some tips on how to stay out of debt. At the Institute we taught mini lessons every 15 minutes and Anina served waffles to all that attended classes. Many of our members invited friends and neighbors to the open house. The Missionaries handed out many fliers. We were hoping for a greater attendance, but we were satisfied and feel that it was a great success.
It was fast and testimony meeting today and it was good to hear the wonderful testimonies that were given. We had a couple of investigators at the meeting today. There is a baptism planned for this Saturday and we hope and pray that all will go as planned.
Last evening I woke up in the middle of the night because I could hear some loud noises. I got up, and while I was up, I looked at the Internet and figured out where the noise was coming from. I must have heard the cheers from the BYU fans all the way over here in Germany! This morning I called a couple of Elders and told them of the news and for some reason or another they would not believe me. They may have to wait until tomorrow, their P-day, to learn that BYU really won the game!
We are looking forward to another full week of activities. We may even include fixing the broken down door, if it can be fixed. It is too bad that the Elder that caused the problem won't be here to help in that project!

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