Sunday, January 10, 2010


Two days are past and we are still feeling the effects of our New Years Eve. Four-o-clock in the morning is a bit too much for a couple of old people. Yes, we were not able to bring the New Years Eve party to a close! The Young Adults just did not want to go home! They were just having such a good time, eating, playing, eating, dancing, eating, shooting off fireworks, eating, watching a movie, eating and just sitting around. Actually, we left at 4:00AM and they were still going strong. We were the only seniors at the party and for some reason they made sure that we were involved. After the fireworks, Anina and Hugo baked waffles for every-one, along with some of Anina's home made syrup. We were done with the large batch of waffles before the kids were completely full, so they had to go back to the other goodies and drinks on the table. We don't know exactly when they all went home. We had a very pleasant surprise when we returned the next morning (about 11:00AM) to find the place completely cleaned up! The only task we needed to take care of, was the removal and storage of all of the Christmas decorations we placed in the Center for the Young Adults for the holidays. The kids at the party were all local kids from the Stake, for all of the others left to go home for the holidays.
We were hoping for a quiet evening on the 1st of January, but that was not to be the case. A telephone call from a couple kids changed all of that. There was a group of kids who wanted to come to the Center to play some games and just hang out. They mostly played with our newly purchased "Wii game" and had a blast doing just that.
We are not complaining, for that is exactly what the Outreach Centers are for. We only regret that we did not have this mission experience a few years earlier. All we can say to some of you who are close to retirement or are retired, do it sooner than later!
Today is Fast-Sunday, it was our last Fast Sunday in Germany for this mission experience. The Spirit at the Sacrament meeting was very strong and I bore my testimony and thanked all of the members for the support we received. On the 24th of January will be our last Sunday in Dortmund and we have been asked to speak in Sacrament meeting on that date. If any of you want to be there to hear our "other farewell talk", you must be here by 11:00AM. We know that this assignment will be a lot more interesting than the home coming talks.
This coming week we are scheduled to do a couple Baptism Interviews for the Mission President. This is an assignment that seems to come more frequently to us because we are the furthest away from our Mission Headquarters.
We are beginning to worry about the flight back home. Not the least of our worries is the amount of baggage we are allowed to take with us on the fight. We are allowed only one checked bag and one carry-on.. We brought with us four checked bags 21 months ago and now the rules have changed. Anina is especially panicked, trying to decide what to leave behind.
Some of you have ask about our schedule. We will leave Hamburg at 7:10 AM on the 29th of January and arrive via Paris in Salt Lake City at 2:05 PM on the 29th of January. (We hope that we will have enough time in Paris to make the connection. You know, with all of the new security procedures, that will be a task.-We hope for the best.)
We have been notified by our Home Ward that we will be speaking on Sunday the 21th of February 2010 at 1:00PM.
Time is running out for us. We will leave with some regrets for not having achieved enough. We pray that we will yet do some good during the next 3 to 4 weeks.
One thing we know for sure is that "this work is the Lord's Work", and we have been blessed doing His Work.

Just a couple of pictures of some of our favorite people at the New Years Eve party. 2009/2010

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