Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flag this messageNo Thanksgiving, but we will be thinking about it

It has been along day. We arose at 6:00 AM this morning and left the apartment at 7:30 AM to drive with Brother and Sister Nabrotzky to the town of Münster. The Nabrotzky's live in Dortmund but have been called on a stake mission to serve in Münster and at the same time called to be the Zweig (Branch) president over the Branch. In Münster there is a small branch of the church. The church is leasing the second floor of a building in the center of town. That floor has been fixed up very nice. There is a beautiful chapel, adequately large enough for the congregation. There is a nice foyer and several nice large class rooms, a bishops office, a clerks office, a relief society room, and restrooms. In fact, once you are inside it has a feel that you are actually in a church building. The branch is a rather small unit of the church. There were some wonderful members we met, many of which speak English. Anina and I were invited to speak at their Sacrament meeting. Anina gave her talk mostly in English and she had someone that interpreted for her as she spoke. She gave a very wonderful talk and people felt the Spirit. In fact, even if no one understands her people feel of her spirit and are edified by what she says. She concluded her remarks and testimony in German. As I mentioned, a goodly number understood the English portion of her talk. I debated with myself if I should give my talk in English as well, so at least half of the congregation would understand, rather than to talk the kind German no one understands. I told the congregation that I would try my best not to murder the language to much. As it was, with some help from the Lord words came to me as I needed them. It was a good experience for me and I hope for those who listened.
The Missionaries had a couple of Investigators at the meeting. One of the girls is a nanny working in Münster and is from California. A Chinese student who is a member brought her to church for the first time. The girl from California speaks less German than Anina and the missionaries translated everything into English for her.
We talked to the girls for quite some time and hopefully talked them into taking the 45 minute train ride to Dortmund and join with us at our Institute Outreach Center in Dortmund. We told her that we have a girl coming every week to the Center who is also from California and is a nanny working in Dortmund.
After the meetings we enjoyed a little food that sister Nabrotsky prepared before she left from home. We did not take the normal 45 minute car ride back on the Autobahn. Instead we took a three hour Trip on the side roads and through the small towns. We stoped at a couple beautiful old palaces and grounds. We are convinced more than ever, that anyone who wants to see Germany must get off the autobahn and travel the smaller highways. It sure gave us a different perspective.
This day has gone very well accept for one thing. As we arrived in Münster this morning the great young Elders met us us with a real great smile. We asked them why they were so happy.. the reply was: "Utah beat BYU. I ask them to have some feeling toward me for the sad news they delivered to me. But like a typical U fan, it went down hill from there. I have not looked up on the Internet to see what happened. In fact I will wait a few days for the news to cool down.
This coming week will be our first test of how the holidays will go for us. They do not celebrate the Thanksgiving, as we do and there are no big meals and family get-togethers. This Thursday we will try to stay very busy and not be thinking about all of the good food and family we will be missing. So, let us tell you all now, that we hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Day. We hope that you will miss us just a little.
We have seen our first snow here, but the snow does not stay around very long. The temperature is around the freezing mark today.
Our ward here in Dortmund has been working for weeks for a Christmas bazaar. It was held yesterday, but the turnout was not as good as they expected. A lot of food and gift and decorating things were left unsold. They made several hundred Euros -Around 800.00 Euros.
All of the proceeds from this service project will given the the women's shelter. We were involved and by the time we came home last night it was after 11:00 PM.

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