Sunday, November 2, 2008

A joy to be the missionaries

The time to go to a zone conference seem to come around quite often. It seems like we just had one when it was time to go to Bielefeld. It was a zone conference for two zones. It is a time to get our spiritual batteries filled. Just to be with the missionaries and to see their enjoyment for the work is a thrill to behold. Goals were set and resolves to be better missionaries were made. The day (Thursday) started early. We picked up a set of Elders and drove to Bielefeld. With the heavy traffic it was a two hour ride. The conference started at 10:00 AM and lasted until 4:00 PM.
We had to leave immediately after the meetings, so could be back to Dortmund and get the Institute started and for Anina to fix the meal for after the class. We continue to enjoy a good turnout. Our Center is being used more and more for missionary activities and teaching. We have had six nonmember friend attend the Institute class this past month. Four missionary discussions were given to investigators at the center. We still have a way to go to reach our goal of 20.
Our ward in Dortmund ended the 40-day-fast today. It sure raised the awareness of missionary work. A lot of faithful members participated in that fast..
Today (Sunday,2 Nov 08) was a very busy day for us. We had an invitation to attend the Unn0a Ward. So we attended their whole block. It was very enjoyable to meet the many wonderful saints. We enjoyed the testimony meeting and the Spirit was felt very strong. I did not want to take the time to bear my testimony since I had to speak to the Young Adults in a fireside setting afterward. I was invited to sit on the stand because of my High Council assignment. So just before the close of the Fast and Testimony meeting the Bishop turned to me and said that the Ward sure would like to hear from you. So, I did and I was glad for the opportunity.
After the meeting the Young adults prepared a nice meal. After the meal I had to give a fireside talk. It was very convenient to have sitting next to me a German Young Missionary (who speaks perfect English) whom I ask quite frequently to give me the right German word or phrase when I needed help. It is a little easier to speak in a fireside setting.
Next week, back in our home Ward in Dortmund I have been asked to teach the Priesthood lesson. The week after that we will drive to M√ľnster, where there is a branch, to speak in Sacrament meeting. I think they are determined to have me learn the language. It is a lot of work, but I am glad to do it.
Anina and I are always glad to hear from so many of you. Be sure you know that we appreciate all you do for us.
These past few weeks we missed a lot of family birthday gatherings at home. Anina reminds me a few times a day when it is someones birthday. You grandchildren, be assured that we have not forgotten one of your birthdays. Right now we are just not able to tell you in person. This is the hardest part of our mission.
We are aware that there are some of you in the family and some of you dear friends who's health is not the best, we pray for your recovery and well being. There is some illness in this part of the world as well and Anina has gone to the Hospital almost every day this past week to visit some of the sick.

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