Sunday, November 9, 2008

A lot of changes for our Missionaries.

It was time again this past Saturday to join in a conference call with all of the missionaries to hear from our Mission President all of the changes that will be taking place this coming Thursday. Two of the elders in Dortmund receives the word that they will be going to a new area. We will receive a couple of new Elders in their place. We were glad to hear that we will continue our companionship and work here in Dortmund. It is always sad to see the transfers take place because we learn so quickly to love those brave Elders.
This past week we stayed close to our home and the out-reach-center. With all of the activities at the center, that was about all we had time to do. This evening we will be going to the CES Fireside. We hope that we will have a good turnout. Anina is busy right now making cookies for the event. Some of the young adults are also bring something to the fireside and we hope that it will be enough to satisfy the appetites of those young people.
This morning I gave the joint Melchizedek Priesthood lesson. Now I will have to start preparing for my next assignment. It always takes me a lot longer to prepare because of my limited language ability. At the rate I am going right now it will get easier by the time we are ready to go home.
We will have to get ready to go to the Fireside, so this will have to do this week.
We are well, except for a cough that Anina has had for a whole week now. We hope that she will get over it soon.

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