Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Leaving Bremen

(Sorry I am just getting this posted, Hugo!)

Today is June 22, 2008. It was the day that it became public that we will be leaving Bremen. Many were very surprised that we were asked to move to Dortmund. We tried to let them know what brought our Mission President and the Stake President to make the decision. In fact, our Stake President was in our meetings today in Bremen. He did not release me from the stake high council until after the meeting block. He had me participate in the installing of a new Elders Quorum Presidency. I set apart the new second councilor. In our Sacrament meeting Anina and I were asked to speak. There were not many dry eyes in the congregation by the time Anina was through with her talk. She tried so hard to speak German as she bore her testimony and she surprised so many including myself of how well she did. The saints could feel the great amount of love she has for all. This experience surprised all of us how quickly, in only nine weeks, we have become so attached to the wonderful people in Bremen. All wished us well. I am amazed of how wonderful the people have been to us. We have been in many of their homes for dinner. Every week we have had at least three or more invites to have a meal with the members. Often they ask us to bring the young missionaries with us. Today after church we had dinner at the home of the ward Relief Society President. We could not even stay and visit afterwards for we had to take the Elders to an appointment that they had with an investigator. In a few days we will begin our 3 hour car ride to Dortmund with all of our belongings. I don't know how we will do it, but we will do what we have to.

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