Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My birth-place

This past Friday we took our P-Day and made the 35 minute drive to the place of my birth. I have not been there before, at least not for the last 72 years. I certainly could not remember the place since I was less than a year old when my parents and I moved from there to Kassel.
From my dad's history that I have in my computer we were able to get the exact address of the house. We programmed that address and the address my parents first lived after they were married into our "TomTom" (GPS Device). It guided us right to the place. The house where my parents first lived is no longer there, but the house just around the corner and down the street, where I was born, is still the same house. The old front door had been filled in and the entrance is now from the back of the house. It is an old neighborhood, but it is well taken care of. This whole storry will not mean anything to most of you, but I had some special feelings that came to my mind. It was a special moment for me. Here are some pictures:

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