Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We are in Dortmund

We are almost moved in. It will take us a while to be able to get around. We can drive the short five minute car ride from our apartment to the outreach center or the Stake Center. This town is a lot bigger than Bremen. I am sure we will get lost a few times before we know our way around.

Our church experience this past Sunday was good, except that they asked us to sit up front and give a talk and introduce ourselves. Tonight will be the third activity for us in the Outreach Center. Last Thursday we had 24 kids attending the Institute class and dinner afterward. This is a more active center than we had in Bremen. It is interesting to see the difference as we go from one ward to another. We enjoyed the ward and meeting the people yesterday. In Bremen, the missionaries are treated very well and are loved by the members and there is a lot of interaction. Here in Dortmund there is not that same feeling and concern for the young missionaries. As an example are the invites to members homes for dinner and a gospel discussion. In Bremen, we had at least three or four invites a week and usually two on Sundays. In Dortmund, none of the three sets of missionaries had and invite for dinner this past Sunday. If we would have known that, Anina would have made something for the young missionaries. I asked if this is normal and they told us that they get an invite very seldom. As I think over the past few weeks, it is clear to me that the people I know the best are the one's that we visited with in the home and enjoyed a meal and had a one on one gospel discussion. It is not that we need the meal, but we need the association and friendship.

Here are some pictures of our new place:

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