Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Lesson Leared or The Same Lesson Learned Twice

Last Thursday I came in late to a High Council Meeting because of a Young Adult activity. I barely took my seat when the Stake President ask me if we could go to the Una Ward this Sunday. I quickly responded with an enthusiastic: "we love to go". It was ten minutes later that I learned that I was to replace a High Councilman that was out of town and give a Sacrament Meeting talk. If I would have known the whole assignment, the response to the question would not have been the same. Burning some midnight oil we completed our preparations and things went well.
We had to decline an invitation for dinner from one of the members of that ward, so we could get home and make preparations for another event on Sunday evening.
It was our turn to host the "Pauderstunde" in our apartment for our Ward in Dortmund.. Even if you are German you may not know what a "Plauderstunde" is. We looked it up in the dictionary. We did not find it in a small dictionary, so we looked into a big dictionary. Sure enough there it was. It is "ein angenehmes zubringen" or "to have a pleasant chat" or to have a "cozy little chat" or "a chatty conversation". Actually it is kind of like a "Fireside", only not as formal. The host chooses a short subject. It does not have to be on a religious subject, but something uplifting. After that we just visit and eat and drink.
It was fun to fit all of the people into our apartment, but it worked well. This is a monthly activity when friends just get together. It is a good chance to get to know some of the people.
Last Tuesday we drove to Kassel with another couple to work on the Elders apartment. The project was a little bigger than we could handle or that our car could hold. We drove down with a Van. Made some very needed repairs, cleaned out the apartment and Keller (Basement room) and took out all of the accumulated "Stuff" that was no longer useful or needed. It was a long day, but we finished the task.
We are sad to hear that some of our dear friend at home have health problems. We pray for you. We know that our family and you friends pray for us. We are being blessed and we are grateful.
Before this turns into a "Plauderstunde", let us just say:
" Till next time."

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