Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Hopes are High

We know it is late, but there was no time to sit down and write to you yesterday (on Mothers-day). We had a great week and especially a great Mothers-day Sunday.
The Elders and Sisters did not have invitations for dinner, so we invited them, along with a couple of young adults (who are here without family) to dinner. Anina prepared a good meal, very much as she did at home on Sunday for the entire family. By the time we finished eating, it was time to make those phone calls to family and especially to the mothers at home. All four of the missionaries and the two American students, made a call to home or received a call from home during a four hour period after dinner. Our land phone line and three cell phones were going the whole time. As you know the missionaries can only call home two times a year (Mothers-day and Christmas), so it was a big event. Every room in our apartment was used for some sort of privacy during the phone calls. Of course it was great for us to also talk to some of our own family.
It was also a big day for missionary work here in Dortmund. We had 10 investigators join us for our Sunday Services. This is a big number of investigators for this part of the Lords vineyard. It was fun to see the enthusiasm and excitement of the missionaries. We never prayed so hard to have the Spirit of God come into our Sacrament Meeting. We prayed that they would feel that Spirit and recognize it and understand the messages that were given. The special messages about Mothers-day were great. The children's part on the program gave it an extra dimension. Oh, how we prayed that hearts would be softened. At the conclusion of the meeting each one of the Sisters received a potted plant from one of the children. We could not help to see some extra smiles on the face of the investigators. We think that our Father in Heaven heard our prayers and blessed us with our wish. We have high hopes that something is about happen, yes, even a baptism or two.
Last Saturday evening I attended a Stake Priesthood meeting. I am still thinking about a statement our Stake President (President Zarse) made during the meeting. He said that he envisions a time when my grandchildren will ask me: "Grandpa tell me about the time when we had to travel a long time to go to Stake Conference or to our own ward meetings." He further said that he envisions the time when there will be a stake in every city and even more than one stake in some cities.
Maybe, just maybe, this will be the start of something big--even a baptism or two. Our hopes are high!

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