Sunday, May 3, 2009

Only The Right Question Will Give You The Whole Story

On a weekly basis we have been asked to write a report of our activities to our Mission President. As part of that report we told him of one of our experiences during the week.
We made a visit to one of the Elders apartment to make some very needed repairs. (Replace a kitchen faucet and repair an electric outlet.) While I was making the repairs, Anina had a very pleasant conversation with the Elders. Past experience always prompts us to ask the Elders or Sisters if they have a basement room where they store unwanted items. We have for the past nine month always asked the question. The answer for this apartment was always:"we do not have a Keller (Basement room)". Anina happened to comment that it is nice that thy do not have a Keller and than came the right question: "Do you have any place where you store the unwanted items?". The answer was immediately and direct : "we have an attic!"
Anina's reply was: "let's see it!
A trap door was opened, we climbed up the stairs and the shock could not have been greater. It will take a moving van to remove all of the stuff that has accumulated over many years. Old newspapers, broken Christmas ornaments, Church magazines, empty boxes, old clothing and shoes, broken furniture are just a few things we saw. Who knows what more is up there when we get to the bottom.
We asked the Elders to take down the back seats in the car and carefully stack as much into the car as possible. We filled the car completely to the top with bags of old clothing. As I was finished with the repairs, we took one more look and found that we barely made a dent. It will take a larger truck or several trips to clear out all of the "Stuff".
The moral of this story is; "if you don't ask the right question you may not get the whole story!"

All of our experiences are not always very spiritual and faith promoting, but they are experiences from which we can learn.

This past week-end we had a visit from the missionary couple that we replaced here in Dortmund. They are from Provo and made a return trip in less than a year. They attended church with us and afterward we enjoyed a nice meal with them at one of the Dortmund members home.
We had a wonderful fast and testimony meeting. The young missionaries even had a couple of investigators, including an elderly couple. It was great to see them and to talk to them. We think that did feel the spirit and we have high hopes.

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